The bloke from the council is poorly

The man who inspires me and many others is poorly.¬† Not that you would know it, you wouldn’t be able to tell that this amazing man is entering the final phase of his journey.

Back in August I wrote about Steve Evans, how I first came across this inspiring guy, who has been fighting the fight against the Big C, and, despite a few setbacks, winning each round on points!¬† A seemingly ordinary kind of bloke, now retired from the Council, loves fishing, part time entertainer and magician.¬† I followed him on Twitter, got chatting with him about our common chemotherapy experiences (those chemo pins and needles reach the places they shouldn’t normally reach!), and I was honoured to be invited to join Steve’s extended Facebook family and friends.

One of Steve’s targets through his recent treatment was to attend the International Brotherhood of Magicians (IBM) convention in Buxton as compere, early in September.¬† Steve achieved his goal, and went down a storm by all accounts.¬† A couple of days later Steve was honoured with the coveted Associate of the Inner Magic Circle (AIMC) with a Silver Star award.

Shortly after the convention, Steve fell ill and was taken to hospital.¬† Friends waited anxiously for news of his condition.¬† We heard from his daughters, through Twitter and Facebook, that Steve’s condition had deteriorated, to the point where his tumour had grown and was bleeding, and the location of the tumour meant that he couldn’t eat.¬† Steve was very poorly indeed, and he readily admits that he thought his journey was about to reach its final destination.

But within a few days Steve’s condition had improved, the ‘genius of the NHS’, as Steve describes those dedicated people treating him, had managed to stop the bleeding, which in turn had allowed him to start eating again.¬† As he gained some strength, he received a visit from Richard Bacon, with whom Steve has become good friends, and he agreed to give an interview, recorded for Richard’s BBC Radio 5 Live show.¬† The link to that interview is here.¬† It’s a tough listen, but the words and the emotion explain everything; who Steve is, and what he is about.

This weekend, Steve appeared on the BBC Breakfast show, to discuss the story of the¬† extension of the Cancer Drugs Fund to 2016.¬† This is a very important development for cancer sufferers, and Steve explains here what it meant for him, or as he puts it “I simply stayed alive!”¬† He also tells us where he is on his journey at this time.

Knowing that he had been pretty poorly in hospital, and wasn’t able to eat for many days, I was concerned at how he might appear on the TV, but actually he looked amazing and was as chipper as ever!¬† As he says, he is relaxed and at peace with his condition, and will¬† enjoy a “better quality of life for as long as it is.”

His positivity shines through and he looks good on it!

Steve, you are truly an inspiration.  And I look forward to seeing you more in your new career as a TV personality!

Steve Evans

Steve Evans on Twitter @steveevans51



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6 Responses to The bloke from the council is poorly

  1. Cornish Cowboy says:

    A light has been extinguished this week but thousands of people have been inspired by a very brave man. He will be remembered as someone who was able to embrace his condition, stick 2 fingers to it and complete the journey with dignity. Oh that we should all be so courageous in the face of such a journey. RIP my friend, your sadly missed.

    • almostcoolmumalmostcoolmum says:

      I totally concur with your sentiments, I was choked when I listened to his final interview with Richard Bacon and in some ways its comforting to know that he is now resting in peace. Steve has shown us how to tackle adversity with resilience and dignity, and we are all the richer for knowing him in one way or another.

  2. Cornish Cowboy says:

    I didn’t know of Steve until I saw his tv interview in the week, his story blew me away. Few people have ever inspired me so much and I stand in awe of his courage and determination. Some 18 months ago I too went on that terrible journey but I was fortunate enough to have normality returned to me……I wish you well Steve, make every day count.

    • almostcoolmumalmostcoolmum says:

      Thank you for your comment, and I totally agree. Similar story here, breast cancer diagnosis just over seven years ago, and I’m so fortunate to have a more positive outcome following the months of sometimes grueling treatment. I admire Steve so much!

  3. Simon P Jones says:

    I was really moved and impressed with Steve’s story on the BBC Breakfast Show, such a humble man. A true inspiration to us all.

    • almostcoolmumalmostcoolmum says:

      I totally agree, he is one in a million, and he says he feels very humbled by the kindness and good wishes he receives.

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