An evening with Tim Vine



As Patron of our local arts centre in Raynes Park, the Lantern Arts Centre, the epic master of the one liner Time Vine took the opportunity to preview his new Chat Show before taking it to the Edinburgh Festival.

I first saw Time Vine many years ago in pantomime at Wimbledon Theatre, playing alongside John Barrowman in Cinderella.  As the comic character Buttons, Tim had me in stitches and has done ever since.  His classic one liners are award winning and legendary! He also co-wrote and starred in the BBC sitcom Not Going Out with Lee Mack, a great double act the pair of them.

The Lantern Arts Centre is a great venue.  Within walking distance of home, the venue has taken up residence in the majority of the space of the Raynes Park Methodist Church.  When I dropped off my payment for the Time Vine tickets I was lucky enough to receive a tour of the place, courtesy of Artistic Directors John and Georgie Talbot, a couple of fabulous actors who I have known for a number of years through my links with a school theatre group I commissioned as part of my work as Graffiti Manager at a London local authority.  I was amazed at the volume of ‘stuff’ around the place, rooms, theatre space, props, and a newly opened costume store, where anyone can hire one of the many fabulous performance costumes.  Anyone for Widow Twanky?!

But getting back to the main man Time Vine….actually I can’t remember any of his jokes.  Is that good or bad?  I remember laughing as much as I ever did, his one liners were as sharp as ever, with the added value of impromptu gags at the expense of members of the audience, who had been asked to volunteer to join Tim on stage before the start of the show.  You know you’re in trouble if you put your hand up for things like that, and I did wonder why a couple of people bothered!  You certainly wouldn’t get me doing that, well not sober anyway!

You can check out Tim on his web site, which also includes a number of his YouTube videos.  You have been warned!