They grow up so fast


Blue DayA few days ago I thought my 12 year old son had a cold, but it turns out that his voice is breaking!  I don’t know why the possibility of this happening hadn’t occurred to me, for a long time he has delighted in the fact that he was getting  as tall as me, until recently when he overtook me.  Not that there is anything super human in that, I’m only 5 ft 2 inches tall! But it meant a great deal to him and now I am the shortest person in the family.

Another tell tale sign that passed me by is his feet – he’s getting through shoes and socks like nobody’s business, even making an allowance for his unclipped toenails! And now I have the smallest feet in the family.

And another clear sign is that for a very long time he has not wanted me to wash his hair in the bath, and last time I did, he was most definitely doing all he could to hide his ‘bits’, only allowed in the bathroom when he was properly submerged under the water, with strategically placed bubbles.

On the day of him returning to school after the summer holidays, my little boy is growing up and turning onto a man.  As I write I’m welling up at the thought that my youngest child is moving rapidly away from needing me to do things for him (making the distinction between need and want I hasten to add!).  I well up with these thoughts quite often, and always when I watch old video footage of my children, singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star together, or faces covered in chocolate during a feeding frenzy, or screams of delight running and chasing around the garden and jumping in an out of the paddling pool.

Simple things.  They get to you.  Where does the time go?

But I do have those cherished memories, and they mean the world to me.  He will soon be 13 – a teenager God help us!  I do wonder what life has in store for him……..

But for the moment there remains one last thing that reminds me he loves me as much as I love him, and that is the hugs he throws at me when he sees me.  He’s still my little boy after all –  just for now, but not in front of his mates!