Enrolment Day


SouthbankSo college year 2 enrolment day arrived, and filled with trepidation my daughter headed off for her morning appointment.  Except she only just made it on time, having slept through her alarm.  Hope this isn’t a sign of things to come!

But we needn’t have been overly concerned.  After the previous dire warnings prior to results day, and the worry that the results weren’t even good enough to qualify for the second year of college, we were all pleasantly surprised.  No more so than my daughter, who, if I’m honest, is not prone to fits of excitement and happiness.  But on this occasion she was both of those things.

We knew the Maths should be OK, having achieved a B grade in her AS level.  And the good news is, her tutor has agreed to enrol her into a Further Maths AS course, which, with any luck, should boost her chances of a university place when the time comes.  On top of that, her Chemistry and Psychology grades, though not great at D and E respectively, were good enough to qualify for the next stage.

And there was more good news.  Having thought she had failed her 1 year BTEC in Music Production because of one dodgy module, she actually learned that she had passed with a Merit.  And the icing on the cake was that she managed to choose her timetable to wangle a couple of afternoons off.  No wonder she was so happy!

But with the excitement comes a few hard truths and the reminder that she has just one year of hard work to turn things round and give herself the chance of improving her grades that will allow her a wider range of choices when it comes to choosing  a university. We are busy attempting to scrape together UCAS points from wherever we can find them, although we can find no trace of the BTEC course so not sure whether that will count towards anything!

A few more university open days have been booked for the coming weeks, and the challenge to get her to one she has chosen rather than one that will accept her grades continues.