Debs Coady

“I’m not like a regular mum, I’m a cool mum” ~ Mrs George, Mean Girls, 2004.

My name is Debs, born Debra, often known as Debbie.  I answer to any of these.

In my online life as part of the Twitter, Instagram and other photo sharing communities, I am known as @chelseadebs.  I co-manage the Instagramers London mobile photography community in London, UK.

I’m a mature mum of three children, my eldest daughter from a previous marriage, is now 29.¬† I have two children with my present husband, a daughter of 18 and a son of 12.¬† I work part time (allegedly, really busy most of the time!) for a London local authority, managing its graffiti removal service, parking on housing estates, and managing the letting and maintenance of non residential property (garages and store sheds – all very glamorous!)

I was born, brought up, and still live in London.  I have been a fan of Chelsea FC since a very young age, and I am a season ticket holder at Stamford Bridge. #KTBFFH

Apart from following footie, I am passionate about photography, the mobile variety using¬† my trusty iPhone and I’ve recently starting using a Canon DSLR.

Following on from my first post, the aim of this blog is to chronicle my life as a mature mum and my quest to stay cool in the eyes of my children.  The younger ones anyway, my eldest still finds me an embarrassment.  Parenting job done then!  To document, in a random kind of way, the fun things in life, in my life, after all, #YOLO

 Claims to fame

A few years ago I appeared on BBC London News being interviewed by Tom Edwards about an anti graffiti campaign I managed as part of my work at a local authority.  As part of the same campaign, I was taken to the BBC to be interviewed live by Julian Worricker on Radio 5 Live.  Also talked live to Jon Gaunt on BBC Radio London.

My late grandmother’s second husband’s first wife’s mother in law caused a family scandal by appearing on TV with her American step grandson and declared they were in love and wanted to get married.¬† She was riddled with arthritis, and he was gay.¬† It didn’t last.¬† True story.


I’m more than happy to review products and services, so long as they are in keeping with the subject and ethos of my blog, and that an honest opinion is sought.¬† Please feel free to contact me.


NB: The vast majority of photographs on my blog posts are my own and should not be reproduced without my permission.  Happy to give permission, just ask first!

You can take a look at my photo galleries here.