A sad day for British politics, a sad day for Britain

Walk to Westminster

I’m not really a politics person, but I do believe in the right of every individual to vote in a free and democratic society.  However, I feel that political right was wasted last week. On Thursday 22 May 2014, British people went to the polls, many to vote for their local Councillors but also a chance to vote for Members of the European Parliament, MEPs.  Traditionally, mid government polls see a shift in votes to … Continue reading

Arts One Rocks

Arts One Rocks make the Sgt Pepper album cover

My daughter made me special proud this weekend – she rocks! Lizzie is part of a group of young musicians called Arts One Rocks.  They meet on Saturdays, to learn and rehearse rocks songs as part of different band formations.  The students range in age from 13 to 18, and they learn a range of instruments as well as vocals. Lizzie plays guitar, and is very good at it, in my humble opinion! Last September … Continue reading

Mixed emotions of a Chelsea football fan

View from Chelsea away end at Man City Etihad stadium

A recent trip to see my beloved Chelsea play Manchester City in the FA Cup 5th round had me questioning whether I would ever wish to take an away trip again. Not because we lost 2-0.  We just didn’t play well enough, no shots on target, we didn’t deserve it.  A bad day at the office, it happens, we move on.  I can live with that. I don’t go to many away games, time and … Continue reading

Projecteo – size doesn’t matter!


    As an avid Instagram user, I was recently offered a Projecteo to try out.  For those who haven’t come across this unique little product before, Projecteo is a tiny replica of one of those old fashioned slide projectors, where you can display your Instagram images via a slide wheel that slots into the top of the gadget. The ordering process is very simple and straight forward, linking directly to my Instagram feed via … Continue reading